Freeing prisoners in Debt

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The Faraj Fund was established in order to provide vital relief for individuals who simply had nowhere else to turn. We have always believed that it is our duty to reach out a helping hand to those in trouble, no matter their background, in order to create a better future for us all.

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Debt Relief Fund

Our focus is on supporting individuals who are incarcerated in correctional and penal facilities for financial issues. For many, life is a constant struggle and all too often bad decisions or circumstances beyond an individual’s control can perpetuate that struggle in the most devastating of ways. We aim to relieve the burden of these inmates and strive to raise money for inmates have outstanding debt which they are unable to resolve from prison.

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Family Support Fund

In many cases, families of those incarcerated have previously relied heavily on their financial support or income to survive. It is the ultimate aim of the Fund to give hope in those darkest of moments by offering a unique avenue to those inmates and their families and relieve the suffering of those struggling to sustain themselves after the loss of a primary income and offer financial aid through which they can start to overcome their burdens and rebuild their lives.

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Emirates Islamic Bank donates DHS 2m to Faraj Fund

Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) donated Dh2 million to Faraj Fund, which was set up to help needy families of prisoners. Dr Nasser Lakhreibani Al Nuaimi, chairman of Faraj Fund, praised EIB’s initiative in assisting charity activities and alleviating the burden of prisoners in punitive and correctional establishments. He pointed out that the donation falls in […]

Foundations and Donators settle 1.7 million AED debts for 25 prisoners

Ebeid Al-Helw Center for Holy Quran Memorisation, Islamic Affairs and Charitable work Department, Dubai Islamic Bank and three donators settle 1.791.337 AED Debts for 25 inmates detained in State prisons, three of those inmates are Emirati citizens, 6 Arabs, 15 Asians and 1 African, this came concurrent with the State celebrations of the 45th National […]

“Fly Dubai” provides flying tickets for 45 prisoners

FlyDubai provided travel tickets for 45 state prisons inmates in order to travel them to their homeland as a result to court rulings that stated to banish them of the country after they have served their sentences. This is considered the first step of the agreement made between MOI, FlyDubai and “Emarat al Youm” taken […]

Success stories

Engineering Hope For His Daughter

Mr Fayez A had never even been near a police station in the 25 years he spent working as an Electrical Engineer for a UAE Media Group. He was considered a highly dedicated employee and committed husband and father. One day his peaceful world was shattered by a devastating cancer diagnosis for his daughter. Sudanese-born […]

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A Struggle For Health

In an effort to provide a safe and secure home for his wife and three children, Mohamed Abdul Emir, an Emirati National, took out a personal loan of AED 143,000 to finish their dream house. Shortly thereafter,  a serious health condition  and stress caused his weight to balloon to almost 250Kgs. This caused further health […]

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