“Fly Dubai” provides flying tickets for 45 prisoners

FlyDubai provided travel tickets for 45 state prisons inmates in order to travel them to their homeland as a result to court rulings that stated to banish them of the country after they have served their sentences. This is considered the first step of the agreement made between MOI, FlyDubai and “Emarat al Youm” taken to help the correctional and punitive insolvent inmates through providing flying tickets to the deportees who served their sentences. Furthermore, FlyDubai Management, Faraj Fund and MOI have established a “hotline” in order to finish the inmates’ deportation procedures.

Ghith Al-Ghith, CEO of FlyDubai stated that his company confirms its support of the MOI initiative through providing 45 flying tickets for the correctional and punitive institutions inmates who served their sentences. He added that this is our first initiative, which comes in the context of our keenness for the societal contribution and providing support to the Fund.

Al-Ghith further confirmed that the national private sector must activate its role in the societal contribution and must build initiatives that interprets the state policy into humanitarian work.

Furthermore, Colonel Abdul Hakim Saeed Al Suwaidi, board member and Trustee of Faraj Fund expressed his gratitude for “FlyDubai” initiative that provided flying tickets for those correctional and punitive institutions inmates who served their sentences in the state prisons. He further indicated that the sub-committees in national correctional and punitive institutions are providing the Fund’s Management was the case worth of assistance, especially those who are convicted in financial cases and served their sentences.

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