Faraj Fund 3 million AED worth of humaintarian aid to inmates since its establishment

The MOI’s charity Fund for the Relief Fund for the welfare of inmates in correctional and punitive facilities, and their families Faraj Fund dedicated 3 million AED worth of humaintarian aids to inmates since its establishment in last June up until today. In this context, H.E. Major General Nasser L”Khrebani Al Nuaimi Secretary General of the Office of the Minister of Interior, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faraj Fund, said that these aids included the granting of 300 Travel tickets for those different nationality inmates who have completed their sentences and are banished from the country. In addition to granting them the travel tickets, the fund paid the inmates the Diyyah “Blood Money”, settled the debts of some insolvent inmates and provided financial aids to some other inmates from those who embraced Islam and declared such embracement.

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