Who We Help

Who We Help

Who We Help

For many, life is a constant struggle and all too often bad decisions or circumstances beyond an individual’s control can perpetuate that struggle in the most devastating of ways. When these tragic events occur, there can be no greater service to humanity than to reach out with a helping hand. The essence of the Faraj Fund is to provide assistance to those who need it most and who cannot help themselves.

Our focus is on individuals who have been incarcerated in correctional and penal facilities for financial issues. The inmates have outstanding debt which they are unable to resolve from prison and, in many cases, families who had previously relied heavily on their financial support or income to survive.

We receive applications via the government prisons and correctional facilities for people of all nationalities. All applications are evaluated to ensure they meet the criteria for assistance. The cases are individually assessed by our committee with supporting evidence is presented and the requirement for aid is identified. A course of action is then recommended to the Faraj Fund Team.

We consider the following to be eligible for assistance:

  • Those struggling to repay loans and civil debts
  • Those struggling to pay for ticket once deported
  • Those struggling to support their family outside
  • Those struggling to pay Diyyah (blood money)
  • Those struggling with penalties or court fees

Emirates Islamic Bank donates DHS 2m to Faraj Fund

Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) donated Dh2 million to Faraj Fund, which was set up to help needy families of prisoners. Dr Nasser Lakhreibani Al Nuaimi, chairman of Faraj Fund, praised EIB’s initiative in assisting charity activities and alleviating the burden of prisoners in punitive and correctional establishments. He pointed out that the donation falls in […]

Foundations and Donators settle 1.7 million AED debts for 25 prisoners

Ebeid Al-Helw Center for Holy Quran Memorisation, Islamic Affairs and Charitable work Department, Dubai Islamic Bank and three donators settle 1.791.337 AED Debts for 25 inmates detained in State prisons, three of those inmates are Emirati citizens, 6 Arabs, 15 Asians and 1 African, this came concurrent with the State celebrations of the 45th National […]