Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Inspired by our collective faith, values and heritage, we aspire to a world in which all those who can, extend a helping hand, responding to the suffering of others.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide relief for inmates and their families across the United Arab Emirates. The assistance of those less fortunate and who find themselves in difficult circumstances, is central to our endeavours as we work to:

  • Provide funds to repay the debt that caused the incarceration

  • Offer aid to families of prisoners that find themselves in difficult circumstances

  • Secure travel tickets for inmates and their families who are unable to pay return home upon release

  • Initiatives to support the families of Emirati Inmates

  • Support initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of personal financial management

Emirates Islamic Bank donates DHS 2m to Faraj Fund

Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) donated Dh2 million to Faraj Fund, which was set up to help needy families of prisoners. Dr Nasser Lakhreibani Al Nuaimi, chairman of Faraj Fund, praised EIB’s initiative in assisting charity activities and alleviating the burden of prisoners in punitive and correctional establishments. He pointed out that the donation falls in […]

Foundations and Donators settle 1.7 million AED debts for 25 prisoners

Ebeid Al-Helw Center for Holy Quran Memorisation, Islamic Affairs and Charitable work Department, Dubai Islamic Bank and three donators settle 1.791.337 AED Debts for 25 inmates detained in State prisons, three of those inmates are Emirati citizens, 6 Arabs, 15 Asians and 1 African, this came concurrent with the State celebrations of the 45th National […]