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For many, life is a constant struggle and all too often bad decisions or circumstances beyond an individual’s control can perpetuate that struggle in the most devastating of ways. When these tragic events occur, there can be no greater service to humanity than to reach out with a helping hand. The essence of the Faraj Fund is to provide assistance to those who need it most and who cannot help themselves.

Our focus is on individuals who have been incarcerated in correctional and penal facilities for financial issues. The inmates have outstanding debt which they are unable to resolve from prison and, in many cases, families who had previously relied heavily on their financial support or income to survive.

We receive applications via the government prisons and correctional facilities for people of all nationalities. All applications are evaluated to ensure they meet the criteria for assistance. The cases are individually assessed by our committee with supporting evidence is presented and the requirement for aid is identified. A course of action is then recommended to the Faraj Fund Team.
We consider the following to be eligible for assistance:

Those struggling to repay loans and civil debts

Those struggling to pay Diyyah (blood money)

Those struggling with penalties or court fees

Those struggling to support their family outside

Those struggling to pay for ticket once deported

Inspired by our collective faith, values and heritage, we aspire to a world in which all those who can, extend a helping hand, responding to the suffering of others.

Vision & Mission


Inspired by our collective faith, values and heritage, we aspire to a world in which all those who can, extend a helping hand, responding to the suffering of others.


It is our mission to provide relief for inmates and their families across the United Arab Emirates. The assistance of those less fortunate and who find themselves in difficult circumstances, is central to our endeavours as we work to:
-Provide funds to repay the debt that caused the incarceration.
-Offer aid to families of prisoners that find themselves in difficult circumstances.
-Secure travel tickets for inmates and their families who are unable to pay return home upon release.
-Initiatives to support the families of Emirati Inmates.
-Support initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of personal financial management.

Our Achievements

It is the ultimate aim of the Fund to give hope in those darkest of moments by offering a unique avenue to those inmates and their families through which they can start to overcome their burdens and rebuild their lives.

Since our inception in 2009, we have worked closely with local partners to raise awareness of the dire circumstances many incarcerated individuals find themselves in. The money raised to date has allowed thousands of people to re-build their lives, rescued loved ones and reunited families around the world. With these continued collaborations, and your help, we can continue to provide relief for those in desperate need and offer hope that they may see a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

We are grateful to all of our supporters and proud to announce that since inception we have successful in:


Prisoner’s Debts Paid


Prisoner’s families supported

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The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said:

" Whosoever alleviates a needy person, Allah will alleviate his needs in this world and the next. "

Narrated by Muslim

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