Faraj Fund & Emirates Today Fund campaign in Ramadan 2017 achieves its Objectives.

Dubai Islamic Bank has secured the payment of AED 4 million, the debt of 17 prisoners, as part of the Ramadan campaign launched by Emirates Al-Youm and Al-Faraj Fund to release 94 prisoners. The value of their debts was 15 million 351 thousand and 852 dirhams. And coincides with Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action, which is part of the newspaper ‘s “Good Year” initiatives.

In addition, Emirates Al-Youm launched a humanitarian campaign to release 94 prisoners, including 24 citizens, one Gulf and 24 Arab countries, and 45 Asian countries. The Al-Faraj Fund chose 69 families from the families of correctional and punitive institutions, The absence of their dependents behind the bars of the prison, and the allocation of 10 thousand dirhams of assistance to each family, to help them to meet the requirements of Ramadan and Eid.

In the past few days, the UAE has published four institutions and 10 donors to pay the debts of prisoners and to help 69 families from the families of the inmates. The House of Charity Association has pledged 7 million and 847 thousand dirhams, while the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments in Abu Dhabi Alwaleed Real Estate Company paid AED 80,000, while nine donors pledged AED 2 million and 820 thousand dirhams. A 69-year-old family member was able to help 69 families of the inmates of correctional and penal establishments with AED 690,000.

The campaign comes within the framework of a memorandum of understanding between the newspaper and Al-Faraj Fund, and has contributed to the release of many inmates of the reform and penal establishments who are defaulting on financial and legal issues. Al-Itamar Al-Youm has been provided with numbers of financially strapped prisoners after studying their files and adopting them by a study committee Cases of prisoners in the Fund.

“Our contribution to donating to these prisoners comes from the translation of leadership policy in humanitarian work, especially as the donation coincides with Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action. The Bank’s management is proactive in interacting with insolvent prisoners,” said Abdul Razzaq Al Abdullah, Head of Community Services at DIB. To bring smiles and joy to their families. This is not the first initiative in this field, but there are many initiatives in this context, “he said, wishing institutions and individuals to interact and support such community initiatives, which are in the public interest.

Dr. Nasser Saif Lakhreibani Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Al Faraj Fund, said: “The campaign has achieved its goal after the efforts of institutions and individuals. The amount of donations to the target has increased by 85,000 dirhams. This amount will be transferred to other prisoners within the next few days. Assistance to the Committee on the Status of Prisoners in the Fund “.

He noted the generous donation from Dubai Islamic Bank, and all donors who contributed to the success of the campaign, pointing out that the fund management will begin the procedures for the release of prisoners, so that their families share the joy of Eid.

Sami Al Riyami, the editor of Emirates Today, said that this campaign comes within the framework of social responsibility, noting the interaction of institutions and individuals with the humanitarian campaign, which contributes to the release of prisoners who are insolvent.

He pointed out that the joint initiative with Al-Faraj Fund has contributed to the release of 1,013 prisoners over the past five years thanks to the interaction of donors who have provided 95.4 million dirhams since the signing of the memorandum of understanding with Al-Faraj Fund in 2011. It has also been responsible for raising awareness of the dangers of unearned consumer borrowing, whose owners enter the prison hierarchy, in parallel with their efforts to release disabled people whose families were affected by their absence. During these years, the families of prisoners were assisted by 242 families, Three million and 672 thousand dirhams.

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