Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy 
Faraj Fund is committed to protect the rights of all visitors of the Website. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information, and we have created this security and privacy policy to declare our approach in information collection and dissemination on this Website.

Our server works automatically to know your IP address when you visit our Website. (Your IP address is the number of your computer, which allows the other computers connected to the Internet to know the path of the sent data, without knowing your identity).
Using your IP address helps diagnose problems that occur with our server, and conduct statistics to measure the use of the Website, and we do not allow anyone outside the framework of the technical team of the Faraj Fund to access your IP.
In order to provide a better service and a more effective Website, some sections of the Website may use cookies (cookies) as part of the interaction with your browser. A cookie is a very small text file (usually a few bytes) which we send to your hard drive to allow our server to identify your computer. Cookies will not try to read any of the information on your hard drive, and we do not collect personal information through cookies to know your identity or your email address.
When you visit some parts of this website, you may be asked to provide personal information to reveal your identity (such as your name, address, gender, and possibly your credit card number), all of which are necessary information to complete your dealing. However, your card number will not be saved, under any circumstances. But if you refuse to provide such information, you limit our ability to serve you. However, we continue to invite you to visit our website and benefit from the valuable information provided thereon.


Secure Transmission of Information
We assure you that the Website contains security procedures to protect the information you provide to us. We encrypt sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) or data that should be kept confidential in line with legal requirements.


Protection of Personal Information
Your personal information is only available to the Fund’s staff members who need to know it. It will not be available for public review without your consent. In addition, such information will not be used, exchanged, or sold to any third party without your prior consent, and will be accessed only by the qualified professionals who provide Faraj Fund services through our Website.


The right to check, modify, or correct your personal data 
This privacy policy applies to the Faraj Fund portal only. If you move to another website through www.farajfund.ae , you should read the privacy policy of that website to become familiar with the practices adopted there.


The Terms and Conditions of Using the Website
Accessing and using Faraj Fund website “the Website” is subject to the following conditions and provisions, in addition to the laws of the United Arab Emirates. By accessing “the Website”, you accept these terms and conditions, whether or not you are a registered user. By accessing, browsing, and using “the Website” you accept, without any restrictions or conditions, the terms and conditions of use contained in this document.


Amendment of the Agreement
Faraj Fund has the right to modify these terms and conditions provided a notice of any amendments will be on declared this page, and the amendments come into force immediately upon occurring, unless otherwise stated. Your frequent use of “the Website” after such amendments implies that you accept them; and you should periodically visit this page to review the terms and conditions of use.


The Right to Action
You accept to access and use “the Website” only for lawful purposes, and you are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to any and all laws, regulations, rules and provisions pertaining to such use. By accessing the Website, you accept to refrain from:
1 – Using “the Website” to commit any offense or encourage others to engage in any conduct, which would constitute a criminal offense or imply civil liability;
2 – Publishing any unlawful content with discriminatory; libelous, harassing, defamatory, obscene or pornographic nature;
3 – Using “the Website” to impersonate other people or parties;
4 – Using “the Website” to upload any material that contains a virus software, “Trojan horse”, or any other computer codes, files or programs that may alter, damage, or obstruct the work of “the Website”, or any hardware or software belonging to any person who accesses the Website;
5 – Downloading, sending, or transmitting any materials which you are not entitled to transmit under any law or contractual relationship;
6 – Changing, damaging, or deleting any content on “the Website”;
7 – Disrupting the normal flow of communication in any form whatsoever;
8 – Claiming to have a relationship with or representing any company, association or body without being authorized to claim such a relationship or representation;
9 – Publishing or transmitting any advertising or promotional materials, or any form of publicity;
10 – Publishing any material that infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of others;
11 – Collecting or storing personal information about others;


Some parts of “the Website” can be accessed only by registered users or allow the user to request support or services online by entering personal information. You agree that any information provided to us on those parts is complete and accurate, and that you will not try to register yourself, or access “the Website” using another person’s name, nor you will adopt a user name that is deemed unsuitable by Faraj Fund, according to their right to freedom of action.


Termination of Use
Faraj Fund has the right, whenever it deems it appropriate, to terminate or suspend your access to and use of “the Website” without notice and for any reason, including violation of the terms and conditions of use or because of any action which Faraj Fund deems is in violation of the law or is harmful to others. In the event of termination, you will no longer be allowed to access the Website, and Faraj Fund will use every means possible to enforce such prohibition.


Other Websites Links
Some links on “the Website” allow you to access websites that are not operated by Faraj Fund. Faraj Fund does not control such websites, nor does it review their content. Faraj Fund makes available these links to its users for convenience, but they do not contain any material to the effect of promoting any products, services, or information, and do not imply any connection between Faraj Fund and the operators of such websites. When you select any such link, you become subject to the terms



صندوق الفرج ينجح بالإفراج عن 16,202 نزيل منذ تأسيسه

أبوظبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، مايو 2019 أطلق صندق الفرج مبادرة “الإفراج عن 100 نزيل” من نزلاء المؤسسات العقابية والإصلاحية المُعسّرين من مختلف الجنسيات على مستوى الدولة، وذلك ضمن مبادراته الاستراتيجية في “عام التسامح” الذي أطلقه صاحب السمو الشيخ خليفة بن زايد آل نهيان، رئيس الدولة “حفظه الله”، وانطلاقاً من القيم السامية والمستمدّة من الشريعة الإسلامية والموروث الثقافي والاجتماعي […]

عائق صحي

فــي محاولــة لتوفيــر منــزل آمــن لزوجتــه وأطفالــه الثلاثــة ، حصــل محمــد، وهــو مواطــن إماراتــي ، علــى قــرض شــخصي بمبلغ 143،000  درهــم إماراتــي لبنــاء منــزل أحلامــه . وبعــد ذلــك بوقــت قصيــر ، عانــى محمــد مــن تفاقــم الأمــراض فــي جســمه بســبب البدانــة المفرطــة حيــث أن وزنــه وصــل الــى مائتيــن و خمســين كيلــو جرامــا  تقريبــا. وقــد أدت  هــذه […]


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